Considered by some to be the Holy Grail of fly fishing, the practice of steelheading begins at the same place where other fly fishing begins: with an appreciation of the chase. What's the difference between swinging streamers on the Mo versus steelheading out somewhere towards the ocean? Well, besides Zane Grey and the entire contextual history that comes with a swung fly on a two-hand rod, it's an incredibly humbling experience. If you need inspiration to keep you chasing the fish of a thousand casts, we have some of the most unique steelhead patterns on the market. Check them out, and enjoy.


  • Fly Tying: Bruce Berry's Opossum Leech

    In the end, this opossum pattern is a fly that's super-easy to cast, swims well & Steelhead eat it... Tied up by Bruce Berry. Learn the whole recipe here.

  • Old School October Caddis

    September to October is the time when the October caddis appears on many of our rivers. Everything swimming in the rivers seems to like them.

  • Fly Tying: Kilowa-Bou

    This is a simple fly that has proven its' worth on the river. It started out as a KILOWATT, but I toned it down some and added a stinger hook.

  • Fly Tying: Steelhead Muddler

    Denver's on the vise tying a muddler style steelhead pattern this week. Denver Uses this versatile little swing pattern for summer/winter steelhead in the

  • Fly Tying: Calvin’s Banned Intruder Pattern for Steelhead

    This intruder can be tied in various sizes and colors. Intruder patterns can be tied in various sizes and colors. It is easy/quick to tie and still maintai

  • Black Egg Sucking Leech

    A confidence fly for fishing rainbows. It is extremely versatile and can be fished in a variety of ways. Use this fly at ice off fishing still waters under

  • Clearwater Intruder

    The Clearwater Intruder was designed to keep a small profile, which is preferable to summer run steelhead, while still maintaining the advantages of a stin

  • Telleen's Flash Bang Intruder

    Fred Telleen ties his Flash Bang Intruder. Purple and blue are great colors for Salmon and Steelhead.

  • Squidro

    Brown trout version of Scott Hal's Squidro. Video shows how to rig the fly. Fishes great on the Mo.

  • Purple Guinea Steelhead Fly

    For October's Creature Feature, Denver Rathbun is back behind the vise tying a Purple Guinea Steelhead fly that has been quite productive on the Ronde, Cle

  • Hobo Spey

    Sam Wike is on the vise this week to tie the Hobo Spey, commercially tied by Solitude Fly Co. This fly's purpose is to crush Steelhead, but does well with

  • Denvers Sookitdown Skater

    Denver Rathbun from the Great Falls Fly Shop has had recent success using his Sookitdown Skater west of the divide.