This is where you can get some of the most creative flies tied up... for instance, consider the "Mini Montana Intruder," or the "Bald Eagle" pattern we have online. Streamers are used to target (usually larger) predatory fish in all kinds of water. These are tied to imitate everything from bait fish and crawdads, to leeches and shrimp. Fred Telleen says, "The tug is the drug," and if that's true, then streamer flies are the gateway to #fathawgs.

  • Jerry French Steelhead Sculpin

    Jerry French is not going to just throw on any fly, but one he’s constructed with clear intent and purpose. The Steelhead Sculpin is one such fly. Learn

  • Fly Tying: Miller Time Streamer Fly

    The miller time baby brown- this is an easy fly to tie and it catches fish. It’s simple and solid. Watch the video, get your materials and follow along r

  • Fly Tying: Sculpzilla

    The Sculpzilla is a killer streamer that can be used for just about whatever species you’re fishing. It can be double or triple the hook or tied for pike

  • The Kraken Streamer Pattern

    Multi-colored and articulated, the Kraken is made to catch pike and muskie. Its creator is 15-year-old Kelson Hickman. Kelson won the 1st ever Might Mo Fly

  • Jerry French Ties his Summer Sculpin

    Developed in Alaska and tested in the northwest and Montana, Jerry's Summer Sculpin is a great fly to add to your quiver. Great profile, lot's of movement

  • Fly Tying: Dill's Pickle

    Tied up of only marabou, chenille, and 30 lb. mono-filament, this fly is just how I like it INDESTRUCTIBLE. The only weight is the lip ripping Gamakatsu SC

  • Fly Tying: Hud’s Bushwacker Bass Fly

    This is without a doubt my #1 Smallmouth fly. I find myself stripping this fly 90% of the summer when chasing Pend Oreille’s bronze backs. Learn the patt

  • Fly Tying: R.S.S. Booby Fly

    The name might look and sound a little funny, but this fly is definitely something you’ll want in your fly box.

  • Fly Tying: Gold UV Polar Minnow

    The Polar Minnow is a simple pattern I worked out several years’ back that relies on UV Polar Chenille for the body and the tail. It is easily customizab

  • Fly Tying: Predacious Fox

    A year ago, I got my hands on some predator wrap. I immediately began working up some little baitfish patterns for swinging on the Missouri.

  • Fly Tying: Bruce Berry's Flash Tail

    Flash Tail w/ opossum attributes: better shoulders up front, a nicely tapered profile in the water, super wiggly, and more durable than traditional marabou

  • Carpin Crunch

    Carp flies for fishing in summer... I prefer sticking with the Olive/Peacock color scheme for the tail and body. Want to learn to tire the Carpin' Crunch?

  • Fly Tying: Fred’s Dead Head

    A simple streamer with a couple unique ingredients. The body is tied with a Zip Strip. Zip Strips are rabbit strips that have been twisted.

  • Fly Tying: Rick’s Bugger

    Wooly buggers have been around for a long time. I have found that in some cases wrapping the hackle dull side forward dry fly style gives the fly more fish

  • Fly Tying: Mini MT Intruder

    The "2" Montana Mini Intruder is perfect for flinging on two to four weight trout spey rods. When you tie one, you can choose to run the hook either up or

  • Fly Tying: Drowning Mouse

    The drowning mouse pattern is a simpler, non-articulated, variation of Joe Obrien’s shop rat pattern. There has been increasing interest in mouse pattern

  • Fly Tying: Mini BDL

    The Dali Lama has been one of my favorite streamers. I've used it for steelhead, trout and bass with great results. My variation here, the Mini BDL, uses a

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  • Fly Tying: Alters Pike Slider Variation

    Alter's Pike Slider is a good fly for chasing pike in the North West. This fly can be tied larger and longer by simply adding more length to the tail.

  • Fly Tying: The Montana Intruder

    This is a smaller version of the Flash Bang Intruder I like to tie for Alaska Salmon. The gold, silver and coppery/brown root beer combo is particularly e

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  • Pike Bunny Jig

    This fly allows you to stop the fly without moving it too far in. The fly is weighted and angled to move down and up more so than a normal fly which allow

  • Fly Tying: Balanced Blood Leech

    The Balanced Blood Leech is designed to fish under an indicator. It is a great early season "Ice Out" fly choice in a popular Stillwater color scheme.

  • Ice Out Leech

    As the days get longer and the cold snaps get shorter, our pulses begin to quicken. It’s ice out time again. Lakes often hold larger trout than streams

  • Fly Tying: Sheep River Shiner

    Early in the season, trout are hungry and insect volume is minimal. Most trout waters have a variety of minnows including shiners.

  • The Bald Eagle Streamer Pattern

    The Bald Eagle is named for the color similarity to the impressive bird that eats the same fish the fly is intended to catch. Trout, Salmon and Steelhead.

  • The Bruise

    The use of Spirit River's new UV2 tying materials makes this pattern even more of a bruiser in the fly tying world.

  • Telleen's Foxy Jig Minnow

    Fred at the Great Falls Shop ties his Foxy Jig Minnow. This Clouser-style, jig pattern utilizes arctic fox fur, a bit of flash, and some UV materials which

  • Telleen's Bandit

    Telleen's Bandit uses Raccoon fur which helps this fly create a sleek profile and great action in the water as it imitates a minnow or sculpin. It can be f

  • Spring Breaker Leech

    Fred Telleen ties up his Spring Breaker Ice Out Leech. With a plummeting bead, jig hook and flat head pin combination, this fly is balanced perfectly horiz

  • Sleeze Burger

    The Sleeze Burger is a fly I came up with when I moved to Great Falls. It competes with the Rapala. Guys were fishing the Fire Tiger Rapala at Holter like

  • Skiddish Smolt

    The Skiddish Smolt was designed as an Alaskan smolt, but it has found much favor on many trout waters and has been a big producer on the Missouri River for