Vancouver Island

We had no idea what to expect from this trip, and to be honest I don’t think really anyone did. If you are looking to fly fish very unexplored water then this is your trip. The trip starts on Vancouver Island where you will meet your guides on mothership boat tugging a jet sled for access to remote rivers on the coast of BC. Yes, rivers, as in multiple rivers that the guides wish to remain unnamed. On the way except to drop prawn and crab traps for dinner later in the day. The boat sleeps 4 comfortably and will be docked so that there is plenty of time on land as well. The area has extremely high numbers of bull trout, sea run cutthroat, and a few coastal runs of steelhead although the steelhead will be less reliable. From our experience here, you are going for the bull trout on streamers, and the action is endless. Read more HERE about our first trip.

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There is a very high population of Bull Trout and Sea-Run Cutthroat; with the potential of Coastal Steelhead runs ducking in.
Streamer fishing, swinging flies with 5-6 weight spey rods and nymphing will all produce results. We were accessing the waters via jet boast so this was mostly walk and wade. However, this could change based on what you want to do as the guiding service is very flexible.
Rods- Single hand 6 weight rods or 5-6 weight double hand rods is all you will need.

Line- I highly recommend a sink tip line for quickly getting flies deeper into short and quick buckets. Floating line for nymphing (although we never really used them as the streamer fishing was so good). For double hand rods, I would have Skagit heads with sink tips of probably 10 feet T-11, as well as, a double hand floating line like a scandi or dry line for skating mice or other skaters.

Flies- Bring a large selection of big, articulated streamers in lighter colors like tan, white, and silver. However, bring some darker patterns as well. These are glacial rivers and can turn a "steelhead green" color. I would recommend the Smoke n' Mirrors, Mongrel Meat, and other large articulated streamer options. For swinging flies, we highly recommend the Bald Eagle fly, and any other pattern you love to swing trout with, but, 3 inches plus -in size- is a good idea. Bring a selection of mice skaters as the Bull Trout seem to be very active on them.