The Bald Eagle Streamer Pattern

The Bald Eagle is named for the color similarity to the impressive bird that eats the same fish the fly is intended to catch. Trout, Salmon and Steelhead. The cream colored head simulates either wounded prey or a flesh eating fish, something game fish have a hard time passing up.The fly Recipe is:Senyo’s Articulated Shank… Read More


Omak Report: 1.28.2015

Got to the lake this week in the late AM. Warm air temps (mid 30s) and little or no breeze got me pumped to find a few famed Lahontan cutts. An hour of effort produced three cutthroats on streamers. The fish are looking pretty chunky this winter with the smallest caught about 18″, and the largest probably pushing 25″. Fast-sinking,… Read More


Fly Tying Tuesday: Bling It

There are many synthetic flash material options for accenting flies.  Flashabou, Krystal Flash and Angel Hair are popular long fibers.  In the middle, we have Ice Wing and Shimmer Fringe.  On the short side, there is the ever popular Ice Dub.  Counting off the colors and choices on the wall, I found 170 options to… Read More


Mo Report: 1.23.15

MISSOURI RIVER FISHING REPORT 1-23-2015 The weekend is almost among us and warming weather trends are full force.  At the moment, Ice off paste is no longer a factor. Flows are riding at 5K. Fuel costs are down. Making it to the river is very affordable.  Days are getting longer.  Today is about 40 minutes longer… Read More

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My first fly rod was passed on to me by a friend of my fathers who knew I was interested in fishing. It was made from bamboo. I delved into some issues of Sports Afield and Outdoor Life magazines to figure out how to use it. I had no reel, but I purchased a level… Read More

christmas island

Christmas Island 2015 with North 40 Fly Shop

Having just returned from Christmas Island to snow, freezing rain, and slush, I can now take some time to reflect back on how amazing this last trip was. We did a repeat of our trip last year, timing it around the tides, and stayed at the Ikari House. We booked this trip with Frigate Adventure… Read More

zip strips fly tying

Fly Tying Tuesday: Zip Strips

If you tie streamer flies, you are going to want to see the new Zip Strips that are exclusively available at North 40 Fly Shop. Zip Strips are twisted rabbit strips with the hair still attached to the hide. Unlike Zonker Strips, you don’t have a hair side and a hide side. The strip is… Read More

Echo Dec Hogan Rod Review

Echo Dec Hogan II 8133 Review

In a recent post Keith described an outing on the steelhead fishery on the Columbia River below Well’s Dam. In the latest North 40 eMag there is a write up of the techniques and flies we use to target this fishery. Since then it has been the most talked about subject around the shop. It… Read More

missouri river report

Spawning Bows and the End of Waterfowl Season

Saturday on the Missouri was windy but luckily I went on Sunday and it was nice. The weather warmed up and the wind was down to a dull roar. Lots of people nymph fishing up by the dam still but with the warm weather the swing crew was getting lots of grabs. Small buggers and… Read More

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