Echo Glass Rods

As graphite fly rod tapers and construction have continued to get faster, lighter and more expensive, glass fly rods are making a resurgence.  We’ve been carrying the Echo Glass single hand fly rods for the past year and they are getting more and more popular.  This year, we’ve added Echo Glass in both switch and… Read More


Omak Report: 3.3.2015

With the warmer weather we have been experiencing these last few weeks, the rivers have taken a upswing in flow levels from what they normally run. With that, I’m happy to report that our rivers are starting to come down. Okanogan River is running at 3600cfs and is dirty with poor visibility. I would honestly say… Read More


Are you legal?

Are you legal? The 2015 fishing season began on March 1st as far as Montana FWP is concerned. Come on over to North 40 Outfitters and get licensed up and grab a copy of the 2015 Regulations. By the end of this week, temps are going to be moving up into the comfortable fishing range.… Read More

mo report

Mo Report: 2.27.2015

Well, it’s Friday again. The weekend awaits for all you weekday, working warriors. What should you do? On Saturday, I’d suggest sleeping a bit late. Then have a good breakfast and enjoy your favorite morning beverage. Ease into your day.  Sort your boxes. Tie some flies. Pre-rig a couple rods so they’ll be ready to… Read More

aquaseal uv

Aquaseal UV: Repairs

Recently I have been forced to do a little repair on some old leaky waders.  I normally use Aquaseal, but this time I was on a time crunch so I decided to try out Aquaseal UV. I have to admit, I was very impressed with how well this product actually worked.  It’s fast and easy… Read More

fly line

Fly Line: Selection, Maintenance & Setup

Fly Line Season is here.  Our pegs are stocked with the latest and greatest.  We have Rio, Scientific Anglers and Airflo fly lines galore. If you can’t find a suitable fly line on our wall, we can even special order one to fit your needs and desire.  While choosing a fly rod is important, it… Read More

hot spotting

Fly Tying Tuesday: Hot Spotting

If you take a look into the bins at your local fly shop, you will easily find some examples of hot spotting. I will venture to say that in the near future, you will see even more patterns featuring hot spots. So what is hot spotting? Simply put, hot spotting is adding a bit of… Read More

River Report

Mo Report: 2.20.2015

It looks like winter is coming back just in time for the weekend. It’s probably my fault. I’ve got the weekend off for a change.  Worked all week.  Got some glowing reports from anglers who were out fishing during this past week and not just from the Missouri. Our local freestone streams have been open… Read More


Fly Tying is really Fun: #PassItOn

This past Tuesday, I helped Matt Wilhelm with some Great Falls middle school fly tying classes.  Matt does the classes for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.  Matt travels the state for several months engaging kids in the classroom with the opportunity to tie a classic wooly worm fly.  From my little snapshot in time, it… Read More

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