Mo Report 3.30.2015

In like a lion. Out like a belching lamb. Oh, if the wind would only moderate. If you wait for it to stop, you won’t get in much fishing time, but it sure would be nice if it would quit once in a while. Like on a day when I can actually go fishing. Like… Read More

Winston Boron III X

Winston Boron III X

If we only bought fly rods based on good looks, then Winston rods would be hard to pass up.  I got my first look at a Winston rod in Alaska over 20 years ago.  I was guiding a party from Hawaii and we had just been dropped off by float plane on a remote piece… Read More

Idaho fishing regulations

Fish out of Water

No one can argue that catch and release practices are essential for our fish populations to continue thriving.  Unfortunately, improper handling of fish before release can lead to delayed mortality.  We all want great pictures with our trophy fish, but the bigger they are, the harder they can be to handle.  Is it worth killing… Read More


Joe’s North 40 Skwala

Skwala stoneflies are the first large bug of the year to hatch on many of our rivers.  They are eagerly anticipated by trout and anglers alike. Joe’s North 40 Skwala combines a proven collection of materials into a tasty bug. Thread: Olive UTC 140Hook: Umpqua U103 Hook Size 10Bead: Dazzle Brass Black Gloss 1/8”Dubbing: Spirit… Read More


How’s Your Streamer Box?

Waters are warming up. Browns are waking up. How’s your streamer box shaping up? If you need to load it quickly, we’ve got you covered. Get your Sparkle Minnows, Skiddish Smolts, Polar Minnows, Kreelex, Galloup’s, Home Invader’s, Buggers and a Game Changer to complete your arsenal. If you want to tie them up, we’ve got… Read More

spey casting

Free Spey Casting Class

​Yesterday I held a free Spey Class in Sandpoint. I had three new spey casters that all have fishing experience, especially fly fishing experience. Two of them are former Alaska fishing guides. Whenever I bring new people into the realm of spey casting, I almost always notice a trend that holds true among different groups of people. Here… Read More

sow bug fly tying

Fly Tying: Perfecting the Tailwater Sow Bug

The Tailwater Sow Bug is an extremely effective nymph for the Missouri River that produces year round. I have been tinkering with TW Sow variations and my favorite variation has become an unweighted version with a red thread base. When I started tying these bugs, I struggled with getting them to look like they belong… Read More

irish lord

Happy St. Patty’s from the Irish Lord

When I came into work today, I wondered what I could possibly post related to St. Patrick’s Day and fly fishing.  Then I remembered a particular fish who fit the profile perfectly.  Meet the Irish Lord. My buddy Stacy and I were enjoying a crystal clear June afternoon off the mouth of a coastal Alaskan… Read More


Methow Report: Steelhead Season Over

With today’s river level, I’m sorry to say it looks like the steelhead season may be over. I looked at the river this morning, and it’s high and dirty. Normal river level for this time of the year should be around 450cfs. As of this morning: 2700cfs. So unless it drops fast in the next… Read More

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