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This Past Week

This past week, we experienced a serious thaw and some afternoon temps that were down right May like. When we get a thaw this time of year, the Chinook winds roll in with the warmth. The howling winds vacuum up the snow and ice and change conditions in a hurry. If the warming trend holds… Read More

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Tying the N40 Caddis

  I am not really sure why but there are a few things I like about this fly. Gold beads work, and that’s been proven over the last 30 years on about a billion patterns so nothing original there but I do think that makes it work. The fly uses MFC Wonderwrap which I have… Read More

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Methow River Report: 12.12.2014

  I got a call from my friend Rod, from Griff’s Fly Fishing Adventure the other week. He said we should hit the river on my birthday. Sounded good to me since I had not had a chance to get out for a while. I met up with Rod at the WDFW take out below… Read More



 Help us develop young angler’s skills by passing on things that have been passed on to us. Receive a 10% discount on a new rod, reel, or vise by trading in your old gear. We’ll pass it on to a young angler in need of it. Intrigued? Young anglers can come in and fill out… Read More

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Hank Patterson MRF Christmas Party Extravaganza

Do you know Hank Patterson*? Do you fish in Montana? Are you a member of MRF? Are you not a member of MRF but like free bbq and entertainment? Do you like parties? How about Christmas parties? How about free food and a cash bar? Did you say yes to any of these questions? Of… Read More


The Buffalo Wool Company

We have some new material in the fly shop from The Buffalo Wool CO. available for your consumption. After some experimental tying, I am a fan. Buffalo Dubbing offers a few things other natural dubbing on the market does not. One thing I have heard in the fly shop throughout the summer, whether it be… Read More

hells canyon

Hell’s Canyon in November

Met up with the Mills boys for a day of arctic angling on the Snake River this past weekend. Temperatures were subzero as we cruised Washington Highway 195 towards Lewiston, ID. Stepped into the river by 9 a.m. Temperature had increased into the single digits/low teens as we made our first pass through the lower… Read More

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Wild Steelheaders United

Trout unlimited launched a new initiative to help protect and restore wild steelhead throughout their natural range and at the heart of the initiate will be a group called Wild Steelheaders United. This group will focus on the “Hs” of steelhead; Habitat, Hatcheries, and Harvest. Wild Steelheaders United is open to anybody. Whether you fly… Read More

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Flyvines – New Life for Old Fly Lines

We just got in an order from flyvines. Flyvines creates accessories made from recycled fly line. Its a pretty cool concept. If you’ve got an old fly line ready for replacement, come on by and we will add it our recycle box. Then you can check out the Flyvine lanyards, dog collars, bracelets and eye… Read More

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