P.M Floats and the Permit Crab

Joe’s transcendentalist piece: Revisitng Belize and the Missouri River… These two destinations share the ability to humble any fisherman. I started my morning staring at the creole permit sculpture occupying my living room coffee table thinking back to the week I spent in Belize, about missed opportunities, and finding peace with blown permit shots.  I am… Read More

Mo Report

Mo Report 5.19.2015: Brown Water

It kind of caught me by surprise.  I mean I know we got a ton of rain.  I fished in the deluge on Saturday, but on Sunday evening, the river was still clear.  I guess it took a while to catch up.  This year, I’ve been spoiled by green water and clear water.  I’d almost… Read More

What's a good fly rod

What’s a good fly rod?

Sometimes folks come into the fly shop and ask, “What’s a good fly rod?”  Others walk straight to the rod rack and start flipping tags. It can be pretty interesting watching the reactions of potential fly rod customers as they peruse the rack.  If they hit the Echo Base at $89.99 first, there is usually… Read More

Caddis emerger

Fly Tying: Shopdust Caddis Emerger

Caddis emergers are one pattern that seem to fish better the more they are chewed on. The TMC 2488H hook is the perfect foundation​. I wanted this pattern to be able to be fished until it is destroyed and not have the hook’s strength compromised. The glass bead gives the fly an element of translucency. Durability, simplicity, and fish appeal–this bug has it all.   Materials… Read More

What’s a good fly for trout?

What’s a good fly for trout?

Today a gentleman walked into the fly shop and said, “What’s a good fly for trout?”  It’s a very simple question that we hear time and time again.  We can pick one of several hundred flies we have to sell.  They are all good in the right place at the right time.  That’s why we… Read More


Green Lake Report & #PassItOn

The dearest thing about fishing is watching a child light up the first time the feel the tug of a fish at the end of a line. This epitomizes the truest portion of which all fishermen are in pursuit of, only more innocent without the convolution and baggage many of us older anglers drag to… Read More

Mo report

Mo Report: Wag more, Bark less

The boat landings have filled with trailers. Caddis are starting to show. Hints of summer on the Mo…  As always, there are plenty of fish to go around. Fish in the fast, skinny slicks? Yep. Piles of them. Fish in the deep hydraulics? Yeah. And everywhere in between too. That being said, if I had… Read More

mo report

Mo Report: March Browns

The quality of fishing on the Missouri is very high right now.  The water is low, clear, buggy and fishy.  I was guiding on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Between the days, I covered the river from Wolf Creek to Prewett.  There are lots of bugs all the way through.  BWO’s are the most prolific… Read More

molly semenik missouri river fly fishers

MRF & MFFF in Great Falls

Lot’s happening in the Great Falls Fly Fishing Community this week. Molly Semenik will be the speaking at the Missouri River Fly Fishers club meeting tonight at the Giant Springs FWP Building starting at 7:30 P.M. Molly has been a popular featured speaker and casting instructor for us in the past. Tomorrow, we’ve got the… Read More

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