Best of IFTD 2018

IFTD is considered the largest fly tackle dealer show in the world. If it’s relevant to fly fishing, you’ll find it here.

This year’s IFTD didn’t showcase as many vendors as it had in previous years -even some of the biggest names were atypically absent. It’s likely, that more vendors will participate in next year’s show when it moves to Denver, Colorado

That being said, IFTD still had plenty to offer us. What it lacked this year in size, it made up for in all the cool, new things we saw. Here are our top five favorites.


1. Rio In Touch Big Nasty Sink Tip

Made to cast large and heavy flies, the Rio In Touch Big Nasty Sink Tip is a multiple density sink tip line, which has a nice, steady drop to give you a tight line to your fly. Designed with an ultra-low stretch core, the Big Nasty delivers maximum sensitivity and performance.


2. Renzetti Lively Leg Streamer and Polar Fiber Streamer Brushes

In multiple colors and sizes, Renzetti has two brushes that make it easy to tie nice bodies on your flies.

First, the Renzetti Lively Leg Streamer Brush is made from Renzetti’s Just Add H20 original synthetic fibers, micro rubber legs, fine flash and steel wire. With integrated silicone legs designed into this brush, you can easily tie in the legs to give your fly a lot of action.

Secondly, the Renzetti Polar Fiber Streamer Brush is a super soft streamer brush that is made of Renzetti’s original Polar Fiber and stainless-steel wire. The Polar Fiber works to give you a little more body to your fly. Plus, in a variety of sizes, the Polar Fiber will add a lot of versatility to your fly tying.


3. Simms G3 Guide Waders – New Veil Camo Pattern

Upgraded in a new Veil Camo pattern, the Simms G3 Guide Waders are designed to give fish on pressured, or small streams a visual break up. A workhorse of wader, the G3 is made to be highly breathable, durable and comfortable in rugged conditions.


4. Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boots

Made in the USA by Danner for Patagonia, Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boots can be resoled. Providing heavy-duty support and protection, the Foot Tractor features aluminum bars on a Vibram bed. These split, aluminum bars will easily wrap around rocks, which in-turn, will give you a more sure-foot grip for a confident stride. Plus, if the Foot Tractor is not what you need, these wading boots are also available in felt and Vibram soles too.


5. Nautilus X Series Reels

Smoother, lighter, stronger, Nautilus X Series Reels are interchangeable with varying colors such as; blue, violet and key lime. Featuring an oversized drag knob for easy adjustments, the X-Series has a giga arbor spool for fast line pickup and fast backing drying. Available in three frame sizes and four spools, the X covers all fishing needs from 2 to 9 weight.



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