Fly Tying: Banana Slug Stimulator

I have found this fly to produce well early and late evening when caddis hatches are expected to occur. I like B.S. primarily in a size 10 because the fly makes a statement with each cast. Also, I believe a fly of that size grabs the attention of all neighboring trout sitting in a hole.

The story behind this fly is I was fishing the Madison River one afternoon when I snagged my fly on a partly submerged stick. I decided to try and save my fly, so I waded out to unhook it. When I was unhooking my fly, I noticed there was another fly below mine on the stick. I unhooked both flies, and retied the newly found fly once I went home with my own materials.

The next evening, I caught several sizeable trout on this new dry fly, and from then on, I knew this fly was a must for my fly box.

-#10 Dai-Riki dry fly hook
-Yellow Thread
-Grizzly Hackle
-Copper Wire
-Brown Grizzly Hackle

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