Fly Tying: Hud’s Bushwacker Bass Fly

This is without a doubt my #1 Smallmouth fly. I find myself stripping this fly 90% of the summer when chasing Pend Oreille’s bronze backs. I’ll tie this fly in every color of the rainbow, chartreuse being my favorite. Since the fly is tied on a worm hook, it is virtually weedless. I have accidentally thrown this fly on dozens of dock, and still haven’t hung up.

When tied correctly, this fly is completely indestructible (step aside Pat’s Rubberlegs). The trick is to apply Loon UV Clear Fly Finish (Thick) around the head and eyes. Next time you are chasing local Smallies, throw on a Hud’s Bushwacker and watch the surface boil.


Material List:

HOOK: VMC XL Wide Gap Worm Hook 1/0

THREAD: White Ultra Thread 140

Steve Farrar’s Flash Blend White

Steve Farrar’s Flash Blend Electric Yellow

Flashabou Silver

Krystal Flash UV Pearl

Krystal Flash Olive

UV Clear Fly Finish (Thick)

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