Fly Tying: R.S.S. Booby Fly

The name might look and sound a little funny, but this fly is definitely something you’ll want in your fly box.

I needed a streamer fly that would fill a niche in my fly box. I needed something that was somewhat buoyant. So using the Booby Fly idea seemed a good fit. This pattern will give the action needed at any depth based on the type of line I used. Using the booby foam, I would get that head up hang that injured minnows will sometimes do.

The Red sided shiner is one of our most common minnow in the area lakes. So a fly that would come close to matching them and be able to be used as a general minnow pattern is what this streamer can do. Just another fly to have on hand when the fish are wanting something a little different.


Material List:

HOOK: Dai-Riki #270 Size #8 or #6

THREAD: White Ultra Thread 140

BODY: Pearl Krinkle Mirror Flash, Red Flashabou

GILL SLIT: Claret Ice Dub

BODY WING: White Senyo’s Laser

DUB WING: Olive Variant Rabbit Strip Split in half

COLLAR: Olive Ice Dub

DUB FLASH: Ocean Green Flashabou

FOAM EYES: Olive Booby Round Eyes, size large

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