Fly Tying Video: Rufus Chew Toy Streamer Pattern


Rufus Woods Lake is an impoundment of the Columbia River that flows between Chief Joseph Dam and Grand Coulee Dam in north-central Washington state. It is home to some of the biggest rainbow trout in the Pacific Northwest, although the average size of its fish has diminished over time. The state record rainbow—a massive 29.6-pounder—was caught here in 2002.

I created the Rufus Chew Toy about a year ago for use on Rufus’ rainbows. The Rufus Chew Toy, at once, matches sculpin and crayfish, which are two major food sources for big rainbows. It’s proven itself over the past year and should work well for you, too. So check out this fly-tying video, sit down behind your fly-tying vice, whip up a few of these productive streamer patterns, and hit Rufus during the best time of the year for large fish—winter.


Thread: 140 Ultra Thread Burnt Orange

Hook: #4 red Owner Octopus

Shank: #2 Eagle Claw plain shank, (hooked clipped off)

Eyes: Spirit River 3/16" Nickle/red Real-Eyes

Tail: Spirit River UV2 DOS-Jail Rabbit, sculpin

Tail: Marabou tan

Body: Polar Chenille, Root Beer

Hackle: Grizzly Variant Schlappen, tan

Legs: Fly Enhancer Legs, Brown Pumpkin

Head: Senyo's Laser Dub, Tan

Throat: Senyo's Laser Dub, Rusty Bronze

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