Great Falls, Montana Fishing Report 07.05.18

Great Falls Fishing Report

We are rapidly shifting from a window of wondering what is fishable to a window of how do I choose from so many choices?

Missouri River, Montana

The Mo is finally on the drop and dropping like a stone.  It will soon be a whole new and smaller river to explore again.  As water levels continue to change, fish will be on the move, adjusting to conditions.  Streamer fishing can often be good, as fish roam the new bank lines.  Dry fly fishing should be relevant again.  Nymphing will be strong when you figure out the formula for the day.  That formula may keep changing.


PMD nymphs, caddis pupa, weight flies, Czech Nymphs, Tung Jig PT’s and hares, sow bugs and zirdles / crayfish are the go-to.

Dry Flies

You’ll want to us PMD cripple/emerger patterns, PMD spinners, CDC caddis and spent caddis.  Be ready for Trico’s soon.


Black, white and other colors are working.  Singles and articulated monsters will both draw attention.  From now until the water stabilizes, is a great time to chuck and strip.

Local Streams

Streams off the Belts are really good. On the Rockies side, we are still waiting but getting much closer.

The Warmer Slower Waters

We have the flies you’ll need for pike, tiger musky, bass, carp, walleye, sauger, perch, goldeye, drum and channel cats.  (There are a bunch of multi-species fanatics around our shop.)  While Montana offers some of the best trout fishing in the country, fly fishing is not just for trout. If you are intrigued and want to step outside the trout box, stop in for a chat.

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