Tie the Marabou Toad

The toad!  The marabou toad is a Tarpon classic, and as our North 40 Fly Shop staff gets ready for their hosted trip for Belize this year it is a requirement for any serious Tarpon box.  The marabou gives this fly a lot of action even while sitting still.  A lot of times a properly casted presentation of this fly can earn a reaction from a tarpon or snook even by sitting still.  The EP fibers on the front of the fly pushes a lot of water and creates some commotion and agitation.  The fly is nice and light so if you are in the mangroves attempting to curl loops under mangrove branches, this fly is capable of it.  Are you?

Materials List

  • Gamakatsu SC17 Tarpon 3/0
  • Large Black Mono Eyes
  • Olive Marabou
  • Tan Marabou
  • Olive Saddle Hackle
  • EP Fibers Backcountry
  • UTC Thread Olive 140
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