Lewiston, Idaho Fishing Report 11.29.18

Idaho fishing report 12.21.17

Clearwater River (ID)

The current flow is 4,630 cfs at Spaulding. The Clearwater is still dropping and has had some spikes in water temperatures. Currently, they sit at 43 degrees as of 13:00 on 11/27/18. We have been told that some fish have been caught since last week. Yet, it is still slow fishing for us here at the shop. Best to get out and go fishing while you can before IDFG closes the fishing on December 7th. For more information on the closure, you can call the shop or go to https://idfg.idaho.gov/press/fish-and-game-commission-suspends-steelhead-fishing-due-threatened-lawsuit.

Snake River (WA)

The current flow is 14,300 cfs at Anatone. The water temperatures have been hovering in the 44 to 45-degree window. With the Snake being such a vast river, the water that the fish hold in is not as deep as some folks would think. If you are going fishing, throw a floating, intermediate, or slow sinking poly or versileader to present that fly in various types of water. A larger ironed Spey fly or a light intruder can bring fish to hand this time of year.

Grande Ronde (WA)

The current flow is 842 cfs at Troy, Oregon. With the water coming up, fishing could be good by the weekend. If it levels out, the Ronde is the place we would focus our efforts on. Nymphing this time of year can be productive. Throwing an intermediate or slow sinking poly leader with a traditional fly can work. A slower sinking sink tip and a loop leech or hobo spey can bring fish to hand.

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